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POZ Showcase: Sea Swallowed Us Whole


Utah may not be the first city that comes to mind when you think “up & coming music scene”, but Sea Swallowed Us Whole is an unexpectedly heavy surprise. The majority of the vocals are clean with the occasional growl, perfectly paired against the hard-hitting guitars. This five-piece metalcore outfit also incorporates the perfect amount of synth to add another layer to the otherwise heavy vibe of their latest self-titled EP. Stream all of Sea Swallowed Us Whole’s EP on their Soundcloud page.

For Fans Of: Issues, Secrets, and Woe, Is Me
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by Ashley Aron

Please list all of your band members and their roles in the band.
Chris Gibbons - Vocals, Devin Dearden - Guitar, Luis Cardenas - Guitar, Andy Hale - Bass, Tyler Ruiz - Drums

What’s your hometown (or what are your hometowns)?
Provo, Utah!
How did the band come together? How long has it been?
We’ve been around since 2008, but with our current members for a little over a year. Andy’s the only “original” member left. He moved to Provo by himself when he was 16 to start SSUW. Devin came in around 2010 as our second guitarist after moving from a tiny town in Wyoming. We met up with Tyler when we needed a new drummer in 2013 through mutual friends, and we actually were introduced to Chris while we were recording. We were taking a new direction for our music and he fit the sound perfectly. Luis is the newest member; we’ve known him for years from previous bands we have played with. 
How have you grown since you started?
We have changed so much, haha. Originally we were a pretty noisy, rando-mosh band. We were 16-18 and wanted to push our musical boundaries. Now we’re writing songs that are more on melodic and vocal driven, so getting Chris on board happened at the perfect time. In a way, though, we’re still the same fundamentally. We never wanted to be a band that stuck to one sound or wrote the same songs over and over, so it feels pretty natural to take such a drastic turn in our music. 
What sets you apart from other bands?
We’ve taken a different approach to a heavy sound with mostly clean vocals. At the root of it, our music has really driving riffs that blend into catchy chorus rhythms. Then adding in Chris’s R&B-flavored singing style gives our songs a pop twist, without taking away from the heavy element. 
What’s the best part about being in your band?
Honestly, I would say our drive. Everyone has the same goal in mind, and the same work ethic. We can rely on each other. It’s made writing, touring and playing together a really positive experience.
More times than not, influences tend to bleed through. What bands are currently inspiring the music that you’re making?
There are definitely bands we all love, but each of us has a really diverse taste in music that we bring to the table. Those that influence us the most though are Issues, Bring Me The Horizon, The Weeknd, Michael Jackson, The Neighbourhood, John Mayer, Animals As Leaders, Our Last Night, Snarky Puppy, Dayseeker, and Touché Amoré.

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This rules! Utah friends forever!

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That makes it a plant.

Chocolate is salad.

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"It is a mark of maturity when someone hurts you,
and you try to understand them."
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If alcohol labels told the truth.


My life in a nutshell

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Get that fucking salad out of my face, Jessica


Get that fucking salad out of my face, Jessica

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